OMEGA Literary Magazine

:: of Language ... Cultural Revolution



Designed, edited, created by Michael Annis. Featured artist, Henry Avignon. OMEGA 7 is comprised of dynamic work by 45 writers whose poetry, stories and Hinges cover politics, global warming, government corruption, language theory, anti-war, economic stratification, imprisonment, abstracted reality, poverty, world unity, and peace. A special section by the late Charles Bukowski is central to OMEGA 7. OMEGA 7’s theme was derived from “Conducting Bodies” by Nobel winner Claude Simon. OMEGA 7's subtitle "from hive this mind" is taken from a Hinge Application of the same title composed by Michael Annis.

     OMEGA7:fromhivethismind is dedicated to these deceased: Jack Wiler & Will Inman, both Howling Dog Press poets--both died during the production of OMEGA7; Mark Stryker, US/Australia artist who was a comrade in artistic arms with Michael Annis, HDP senior editor and founder; David Sisneros, musician, and Dylan Annis, artist.