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Origami Poietic Organum


by Michael D. Main


The year 2012 brought forth QUINTET FOR THE APOCALYPSE by Michael D. Main, a powerfully written, conceived, and illustrated work overflowing with intense shamanic beauty and profoundly evocative drama.  Prescient in its language, consuming in its visual impact, QUINTET FOR THE APOCALYPSE marks the singular achievement of Michael D. Main, a writer determined to forge ahead beyond the wasteland of contemporary poetic mediocrity to establish a concrete artistic vision into new horizons of literary abstraction.

     As a "language poet," MICHAEL D. MAIN is a consummate developer and redeveloper of poetry systems, often working with Hinge Theory, originally created by Heller Levinson with Michael Annis, and via elements found in a Chaos Refolding: Helix of Mirrors which defines and describes the idea of art within a "grammaring matrix" as proposed by Henry Avignon. These ideas and theories were synthesized by Michael Main into his own systems of language articulation and ultimately adapted to his literary discipline.  From these systems, Michael Main has created startling advances in style and syntax, with a literary voice that is quite original, although he gives credit to other writers and artists as being mentors and inspirations in his own creative journey. Read more about QUINTET for the APOCALYPSE::Origami Poietic Organum on the New Books page of this website, and  Visit Michael D. Main at


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1. A Recent Interview, Sweden

Tidningen Kulturen : Med Kulturen Som Perspektiv
Litteratur | Portratt | August 20 2012 | Skrivet av Freke Räihä

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4. Reader Support Blog For "Quintet For The Apocalypse"
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6. Michael D. Main reads from the Introduction to "Quintet For The Apocalypse" on his Author Channel:


7. POETS & WRITERS Author Registry Page:


8. Language Ltd & Forthcoming | Michael D. Main Facebook Public Page:


9. Michael D. Main | The White Book | Blog:


The "Best Of" writer Michael D. Main's "Facebook Profile" aphorism postings of 2009 - 2011 are here collected by the author. This with a view to greater and more mindful clarity of both communicative intent and coherent presentation. Each segment of content has been carefully evaluated for its potential relationship to all of its cousin posts, then subsequently arranged by thematic relationship. The result is this writer's informed alternative to the daily background noise and adverbial "discharge" that too often attempts to be swapped for quiet, sustained, and intelligent reflection in the social networking milieu. Those who desire a broader perspective as to the philosophical and aesthetic underpinnings (or “backstory") to what informs a writer's formally published poems and books will most appreciate this approach.
10. Follow Michael D. Main on Twitter: Search for "Michael D. Main" [MichaelDMain] of Newport, Oregon USA.

11. Michael's Poetic Work | Journal Publications | 2009 - 2012:


     Mad Hatters' Review Issue 13:
     OMEGA 7 (pp. 174-177):

     The Tower Journal:


NOTE: Michael's recent essay on Poetic Language and Structure is featured here on our website. You may read it by clicking on the sidebar button, "Guest Viewpoints on Literature & Language."


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The preview is a 40+ page sample from Death Dance. It contains text from the book, cover sample choices, ordering information, and links to purchase the book. The in-print book is 144 pages in length, featuring poems by Jay Marvin; it includes illustrative artwork by artists Jeff Kappel and Micheline Saliba. Designed & edited by Michael Annis.



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COST OF FREEDOM: The Anthology of Peace & Activism Co-edited by Michael Annis, Whitney Trettien, and Mike Palecek. Designed by Michael Annis, with Whitney Trettien. Cover photo by Chante Wolf. Over 100 contributors from the US and Canada, individual peace activists and organizations. Dimensions: 12" x 12.6".  166 pages, many in full color, with full-color poster insert. Available through Howling Dog Press, softcover and hardbound editions.

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     "If the world is ever going to be changed, it will be through the efforts of millions of individuals and small organizations. COST OF FREEDOM tells the encouraging stories of many who have begun this work."~Pete Seeger


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To hear audio selections and commentary from Cost of Freedom: the Anthology of Peace & Activism, click on the following link; after the website comes up, click on the control slide bar, the "timer", under the video screen to 22:20 [22 minutes, 20 seconds into the broadcast].  The COF segment on the New American Dream radio broadcast ends at 42:00 minutes into the program.

"tell 'em we're comin' and hell's comin' with us ..." ~Doc Holliday

"divine continuum of literature :: of Language ... cultural revolution :: psychic insurrection, sedition :: howling at the end of the world :: as the dogs howl, all tyrants flee ..." ~Let Kiaiyo Oeane, Great Night Sky Hunter, the Lord of the Winds

"nos ... infernum venit cum nobis ... divina continuum litterarum :: of lingua ... culturalis revolutionem :: psychicae seditionem, insurgentibus :: in anno ululatus, ululatum in fine mundi :: ut canes ululate, omnes tyranni fugere"


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